The GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation 2016/679/EU), came into force on May, 25th 2018. The GDPR focuses on accountability, transparency, protection and reliability. The Regulation aims to reduce the collection of data from consumers without their knowledge and without transparency.

KY.SY.NO.X, Kypriakos Syndesmos Nosilefton Xeirourgiou, is committed to the protection of your privacy and personal data. KY.SY.NO.X is committed to its compliance with the Regulation and to ensure that any third party or processor of data, we are working with is also compliant.

Our office is located Filiou Tsigaride 20, Latsia, S.P.I. COURΤ 15, Appartment 102, P.O. 2235. Our Supervisory Authority will be the local authority on data privacy. So far, KY.SY.NO.X is compliant with the Cyprus data and privacy protection law of December, 8th 1992. Recently, a new Law of December, 3rd 2017 and a new Authority for Data Protection “Autorité de protection des données”/ “Bescherming van gegevens” was created and will replace the former Commission on Privacy and Data Protection “Commission de la Protection de la Vie Privée”/ “Commissie voor de bescherming van de persoonlijke levenssfeer”.

KY.SY.NO.X, or third parties working for us as an entity receiving the data, will be obliged legally or contractually to confidentiality and compliance with the GDPR. The use of the data will be for a specific and predefined purpose.

KY.SY.NO.X has an internal GDPR Project Manager and an external DPO (Data Protection Officer), ensuring its compliance with the Regulation, in order to protect your privacy and your data.

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1. How and What personal data is collected by KY.SY.NO.X:

      • Identification data – Title, First Name(s), Family Name(s): Your nominative details are needed to properly identify you, to communicate with you, to provide you with the products and services you have requested and to ensure that items are properly labelled as yours (e.g. congress badges and scientific contributions, such as abstracts and presentations, Award applications).

      • Full Postal Address: Although this is not always needed in practice, the Postal Address is needed when items will be sent to you by post (e.g. paper journals).

      • Email address: Your email address is needed because is necessary to communicate with you.  

      • Profile Information: We ask you for information about your Professional Activity, Place of Work, and Fields of Interest and Areas of Expertise to enable us to provide you with more relevant information and to better understand the preferences of our audience so that we can give a better service generally.

      • Cyprus identity card number or passport that is used to match your membership subscription or payments on congresses.

    2. How KY.SY.NO.X processes/ uses personal data:

        • We will only use your information, as listed above, to execute our mutual engagement and fulfill our legal obligation. In any other cases, we are committed to inform you, or to ask for your explicit consent when appropriate.

      3. How KY.SY.NO.X stores personal data:

          • The data are stored as long as there is a need for specific activities (Award applications, courses, diplomas, archives or promotion), or as long as the data subject is a member of the Society.

          • For exceptional use and storage of data (example: eCRF), you can find more information here.

          • All data are stored in Europe and on a GDPR compliant platform.

        4. Disclosure of data:

            • We only disclose with GDPR compliant processors.

            • Congress exhibitors who scan your congress badge or identify you at the entrance.

            • KY.SY.NO.X Leadership assessing Membership or Congress participation.

            • KY.SY.NO.X Leadership assessing applications for KY.SY.NO.X Awards

            • IT partners

          5. In case of a security breach:

              • KY.SY.NO.X takes all adequate technical and organisational measures to prevent any unauthorised access to your personal data.

              • KY.SY.NO.X has taken adequate technical and organisational measures to be able to notify you – in the case of a security breach affecting your personal data within 72 hours – as well as the Supervisory Authority, as specified in the Regulation.

              • KY.SY.NO.X is engaged to implement measures to avoid any breach of security and prevent the risk, in the event of a security breach.


            6. Procedure to access your personal data and exercise your rights:

            You can contact for any further information.
            If you need to retrieve, modify or access all or a specific set of information/data we could have about you, or if you would like to know how they are processed, you can contact
            The GDPR gives you to right to be erased and forgotten from our database. If you would like us to remove all of your data, or a specific set of data, you can contact
            If you receive promotional content about KY.SY.NO.X and its activities, you can always opt-out by unsubscribing directly, or contact
            If you feel you have a complaint, the local authority to contact is the Cyprus Commissioner for personal data protection, located in Iasonos 1, 1082 Nicosia, Cyprus.

            KY.SY.NO.X is engaged to implement all the necessary measures within 30 days to retrieve, modify or access all your personal data, or exercise your right to be erased and forgotten.


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